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Peter Jurasik-Chat vom 22.02.01

Hallo Leute,
wenn auch mit leichter Verspätung hier nun das
der Chat mit Lono Molari, den ich diesmal leidr verpaßt habe.


Peter Jurasik, Babylon 5's "Londo"

PJurasik: Hello

Moderator: Great

Moderator: Peter is joining us this evening from Fan Boy Comics in wintery Wilmington, NC. Babylon 5 fans will be interested to know that on April the 12th in Wilmington Peter and Fan Boy Comics, in association with Blue Cheer Inc. will be presenting Beyond Babylon a Scifi and Comic Book Expo Charity event benefiting the Parents' Community Preschool. Don¹t miss it if you¹re in the area.

Moderator: Brief word about the drill - please send your questions for our guests to me, Moderator, as private messages. (To send a private message, either double-click on my name or type "/msg Moderator" on the command line - only without the quotes.)

PJurasik: It is April the 21st.

PJurasik: That the charity event that will be going on.

Moderator: Peter. Thanks for joining us. Oops... Sorry about that.

PJurasik: No problem.

Moderator: First question

Moderator: U Balki to Moderator: Peter. Loved Londo. Since USA and SciFi have seen there ratings with B5 skyrocket, have you talked with JMS about the possibilites of his old production company for a new B5-centric series, and are there any plans for you in it?

PJurasik: They better have me in.

PJurasik: The truth is I have heard nothing about sequels but after I know you will be the first to know.

PJurasik: If you hear anything send me a contract. GA

Moderator: mlfan to Moderator: I understand, Peter, that you co-wrote a sci-fi novel. How did that come about?

PJurasik: A guy approached me at a con in chicago. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

PJurasik: I had a ball doing it. Made some good money. and then dreamworks stole our idea and made Galaxy Quest.

PJurasik: Just Kidding. Nobody steals anything in Hollywood. thanks for asking I hope you enjoyed the book.

PJurasik: GA

Moderator: Sandy to Moderator: Peter - have you considered a second novel? Bruce just put out his second novel - Frontier Earth: Searcher.

PJurasik: I have written a second novel. it is not a sci-fiction piece.

PJurasik: When I get it published.

PJurasik: I will let you know. or join me in my office some night. sit on my lap and I will read you a chapter.

PJurasik: GA

Moderator: Jobsies to Moderator: First thanks to Peter for question is: What was it like acting with Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner in Scarecrow and Mrs King and did you remember that when Bruce came along to work on B5??

PJurasik: They were both a ball to work with. But the best part about that job was that my girl friend got cast as my wife.

PJurasik: seriously. I obviously payed more attention to her then Bruce and KAte.

PJurasik: I was one of the happiest people about Bruce coming onto B5.

PJurasik: Bruce is a classy guy.

PJurasik: GA

Moderator: Peter, several audience members have asked if you have a particular connection to Wilmington? And if it snowed there last night :)

PJurasik: Well I just drove down to Wilmington. And the best thing about it so far is Fan Boy Comics.

PJurasik: If you are in the area stop in. They serve me a steaming cup of hot jala served in the skull of a Narn.

PJurasik: Ummm...

PJurasik: And no there has been no snow yet.

PJurasik: GA

Moderator: Maagic to Moderator: I saw the fan-documentary "Trekkies" recently and they were asking the trek guys what was the strangest thing they have recieved in the mail. What is yours?

PJurasik: I would not be more specific then to say it was 8 to 10 inches long you could fit it in your bread box.

PJurasik: And the box it came in was soaked compeletly through.

PJurasik: I think it came from a Trek Fan or a Centauri who was willing to give up one.

PJurasik: GA

Moderator: TemporalFlux to Moderator: Hi Mr. Jurasik! Love your work, and I'm a big fan of Sliders too! How did you find out about the role of Oberon Geiger and ultimately obtain it?


Moderator: Just a reminder. We¹re chatting with Babylon 5 actor Peter Jurasik If you have a question for our guest, please send it to me, Moderator, as a private message. . (To send a private message, either double-click on my name or type "/msg Moderator" on the command line - only without the quotes.)

PJurasik: The Excutive Producer and Writer was an old friend and a B5 fan. The role was originally written for Bruce Boxlietner.

PJurasik: And when he couldn't do it. He mentioned my name.

PJurasik: As I said Classy Guy

PJurasik: GA

Moderator: jonic to Moderator: Peter, How much of yourself did you put into Londo?

PJurasik: My wife says it was type casting. I think it was a strech away from me.

PJurasik: Why don't you come to our convention on April the 21st and check me out in person up close. You moon faced assasin of joy.

PJurasik: GA

Moderator: LondosHair to Moderator: I recently listened to the audio story you and Andreas did on about 2 men who were turned into lemurs... the title escapes me at the moment... any plans of working again with Andreas in the future?

PJurasik: We were having such a fine time unitl you brought up that Narn.

PJurasik: The truth is I would work with him anytime anywhere.

PJurasik: The name of the radio play escapes me too at the moment.

PJurasik: But we had a blast. The Girls will be happy to know that just about anything you do with Andreas is a blast.

PJurasik: GA

Moderator: Peter, the single most common question of the evening seems to be...How did they did they ever do your hair, and how many hours did it take?

PJurasik: The hair was completly set and finished by the time I arrived for make-up in the morning.

PJurasik: It would take 2 1/2 hours for my make-up and only 10 mins to put my hair on.

PJurasik: they would bring it over and put in on my head like a corination. It got me in the mood for London. GA

Moderator: The audio play was George And The Red the way :)

PJurasik: yeah that is right. thanks for helping out an old guy.

PJurasik: Are screen is jumping with people joining and leaving?

PJurasik: Can you stablize what is going on?

Moderator: jjohn to Moderator: What was the inspiration for Londo's accent?

Moderator: Bear with us everybody... Somebody is trying to flood the channel

PJurasik: The accent was a combination of several different dialects.

PJurasik: I realized I would be the first Centauri and so I could make him talk how ever I liked.

PJurasik: And no critic could ever say that isn't what a Centauri sounds like.

PJurasik: JMS told me to speak as I wanted to speak at the audition. I wonder if he regreats it today?

PJurasik: GA

Moderator: Doctor-Gonzo to Moderator: I've read that JMS told you what would happen to your character so you could act your dreams. Did he ask you to keep it to yourself and if so how hard was it?

PJurasik: I am not sure waht 'act your dreams' means. But JMS offered all of us. The opertunity to find out where our characters where heading.

PJurasik: I don't think anyone took him up on it.

PJurasik: I don't want to know what is in my future. Do you? Well neither did Londo.

PJurasik: GA

Moderator: Anysia to Moderator: Mr. Jurasik, why did it take so long for you to get an 'official' website? and by the way, what did you think of the Londuck Mallardi you sold at the charity auction?


Moderator: Just a reminder. We¹re chatting with Babylon 5 actor Peter Jurasik If you have a question for our guest, please send it to me, Moderator, as a private message. . (To send a private message, either double-click on my name or type "/msg Moderator" on the command line - only without the quotes.)

PJurasik: I have resited an offical web site because of the time it would take away from the other stuff in my life. My Family. My Work.

PJurasik: I want the web site to be a real place for the fans.

PJurasik: If I couldn't particpate there was no sense in having one.

PJurasik: I only vagely remember Londuck Mallardi.

PJurasik: But the charity eventually gave my dear friend's grand daughter her double transplant.

PJurasik: Today she lives the happy life of a two year old in Montana. Thanks in part in the genrousity of Sci-Fi Fans.

PJurasik: Our con by the way in April here in Wilmington. Is also a charity event.

PJurasik: I would love any support any of you can give. show up. be a part of it. or just past the word. check us out:

PJurasik: at our web site


PJurasik: thanks for the support. GA

Moderator: Peter, several people have asked how you got your start in acting -- and did you ever dream that a science fiction role would make you famous?

PJurasik: Am I famous I didn't know that.

PJurasik: I started acting while in a seminary studying to be a priest.

PJurasik: when that vocation was left behind. acting seemed like the next best thing.

PJurasik: probally will not get me into heaven but hell it got me onto the scifi channel

PJurasik: And I have met a lot of heavenly babes.

PJurasik: GA

Moderator: jadesheridan> to : I'm a little late so forgive me if this has already been asked. Are you working on any projects now?

PJurasik: Next month I start my second episode of Dawson's Creek.

PJurasik: Since finishing B5 I've done contiuning roles on 3rd Rock from the Sun.

PJurasik: Sliders and Dawson's. And guests on shows like NYPD Blue and LA Doctors.

PJurasik: Playing my usual collection on fruits and nuts.

PJurasik: Also a tv movie I just finsihed in NC. will air on CBS in March.

PJurasik: GA

PJurasik: What have you been doing

PJurasik: working on anything now?

PJurasik: GA

Moderator: Several people have asked what the hardest scene you ever played was on B5?

PJurasik: The hardest scene most diffcult? Gee that is a tough one.

PJurasik: Um... I felt so confortable in Londo's Skin. That I cannot say that anything off the terriffic writing that JMS

PJurasik: gave me. ever felt what I would call diffcult.

PJurasik: Mostly it was exciting, fun, a laugh, painfull, kind of sounds like marriage.

PJurasik: GA

Moderator: DJ to Moderator: Could you live a day in the shoes of Londo Molari as ambassador or emperor?

PJurasik: I am afraid Londo was to consuming and high energy a person for me to actually try to live as.

PJurasik: At least not at my age now.

PJurasik: When I was a young man maybe.

PJurasik: Today and during B5 that Londo basiclly ate me alive every day.

PJurasik: Pretty out there guy.

PJurasik: GA

Moderator: Shazzer to Moderator: Hi Peter. I wondered (and at the risk of spoilers to those watching right now for the first time, but...), when you had to do the scene with the keeper climbing up on you... what were you thinking while doing that? I know I was shivering, but were you imagining that thing or what you were going to have for dinner that night?

PJurasik: Where are all the questions about the bizzare sexual habits and strange hygine of the other actors on B5 with me.

PJurasik: Well I certain wasn't think about dinner that night.

PJurasik: I love the idea of the Keeper. Truely Creepy and a wonderful stroke by JMS.

PJurasik: Perfect for Londo.

PJurasik: He needed something to balance the bad he had done.

PJurasik: He couldn't get off scott free.

PJurasik: JMS found the perfect thing.

PJurasik: Ga

Moderator: Peter, another question that several people have asked. Is it true that you enjoy teaching drama and acting?

PJurasik: Absoultly not. I feel that acting is a self expressive art.

PJurasik: And that trying to teach it is a little like telling someone how to live their life.

PJurasik: I would love to talk about or teach about the Biz of acting or even about techniques behind acting.

Moderator: We're being bombed with a random name generator. Please bear with us. Sorry

Moderator: How did you happen to become involved with the Dr Who audio play Winter For The Adept?

PJurasik: But acting is a craft that one learns on his or her own.

PJurasik: I was in the UK for a con. And the producers at the BBC were fans and simpily asked me to be a part of the project.

PJurasik: Dr. Who is such a wonderful piece I quickly agreed and happly so.

PJurasik: GA

Moderator: BBDimples to Moderator: Peter: Which side of Londo did you enjoy playing the most - the clown of the start of the series, or the doomed leader nearer the end?

PJurasik: Both added fun and enjoyment to each other if Londo had remaind a clown he would have become as boaring for me

PJurasik: as he might have been for you.

PJurasik: What was wonderful for me and you is that JMS turned that page for us.

PJurasik: That being said I always enjoy comdies instead of dramas.

PJurasik: I have got enough drama in my life. I can always use a little comedy.

PJurasik: Wouldn't you agree.

PJurasik: GA

Moderator: Zoriah to Moderator: Does being invoved with cons and charity work take time away from acting? Or do you consider it part and parcel of being a celebrity (for want of a better word)

PJurasik: It is one of the real wonderful spoils of my work.

PJurasik: What could be more fun then meeting the people who support and love your work

PJurasik: and additionaly raise money for a good cause.

PJurasik: I don't see the downside.

PJurasik: GA


Moderator: Just a reminder. We¹re chatting with Babylon 5 actor Peter Jurasik If you have a question for our guest, please send it to me, Moderator, as a private message. . (To send a private message, either double-click on my name or type "/msg Moderator" on the command line - only without the quotes.)

Moderator: WangSef to Moderator: Peter have you ever read the Book of G'Kar

PJurasik: I really do enjoy meeting the sci-fi fans.

PJurasik: come to our con.

PJurasik: in Wilmington in April.

PJurasik: I have glanced through it.

PJurasik: It is mostly porno. a lot of Narns in stockings and guarders.

PJurasik: If that is your kind of thing.

PJurasik: I know what makes that reverent look on Andreas face. Believe me most of you really don't want to see it.

PJurasik: GA

PJurasik: Once a Centauri always a Centauri

Moderator: Let's talk about Beyond Babylon a Scifi and Comic Book Expo. On April 21st. How did you become involved?

PJurasik: I was introduced to the owner of Fan Boy Comics, Thomas Gilbert, by a friend.

PJurasik: Who said he might be interested in helping me put together a charity event.

PJurasik: To this point he and Fan Boy Comics have done all the work.

PJurasik: I'll show up on the 21st of April and do my thing then.

PJurasik: Again you can check us out at:


PJurasik: I am not the only guest we have already lined up some terffic comic book artist.

PJurasik: Tom Fleming (Magic CCG and Spider-Man TC artist)

PJurasik: Dave DeVries (X-Men TC painter)

PJurasik: Karl Waller (X-Men And Wonder Woman Artist)

PJurasik: And a local wonderful Wilmington based F/X Make-Up Studio Transformations (The Crown and Virus).

PJurasik: Please pass the word or please show up yourselves. We would love to meet you all.

PJurasik: GA

Moderator: b5ver2 to Moderator: Mr. jurasik, have you heard about a TRON movie sequel or installment? Better yet, have you been contacted about it?

PJurasik: I chated with Dan Shor "Ram" 3 nights ago.

PJurasik: He has heard nothing offical. but is tuned into the rumors.

PJurasik: When you recive a contract let me know.

PJurasik: GA

Moderator: socali2002 to Moderator: Were you a big sci fi fan when you were growing up?

PJurasik: No. my parents barley let me read Ten Thousand/ Julies Vern.

PJurasik: We were New York East Coast snobs about education.

PJurasik: I had to go out and find sci-fi on my own.

PJurasik: GA

Moderator: Peter, we always ask this as our final question. What advice do you give to those people who tell you that they want to be an actor

PJurasik: The most imporant quality is passion and the love of the work.

PJurasik: when all else fails that passion and that love will sustain you.

PJurasik: Your goal must be self expression and discovery of yourself.

PJurasik: Not money fame fortune Hollywood Broadway prettier girls prettier boys or faster cars.

PJurasik: Fall in love with your work.

PJurasik: Act

PJurasik: everywhere you can. do it all the time when ever you can do it.

PJurasik: And then Good Luck.

PJurasik: GA

PJurasik: I would like to thank the Sci-Fi channel and as always the Fans.

PJurasik: I do it all for you.

PJurasik: Thank-You.

PJurasik: Bye-bye.

Moderator: Peter, our hour is about up. What a great guest you¹ve been. Thanks for joining us! Thanks to our audience too for your questions. Before we open the floor, one more plug for Beyond Babylon a Scifi and Comic Book Expo Charity event benefiting the Parents' Community Preschool to be held on April 21st in Wilmington, NC. We hope your many fans see you there. Good night.

Maagic: Faith Manages, Peter!

Balki: Thanks Peter. Great chat!

invincor: Visit for more info on Peter's Doctor Who audio play "Winter for the Adept". :) And 16 others. They're cool too.

Vorlon-Ambassador: Londo lives!

Autor: Andrea-Janina Grieskamp
Quelle: Sci-Fi Channel

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