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Chat mit Bill Mumy

Chat-Transscript vom 25.01.2001 mit Bill Mumy (Darsteller von Lennier)
AKalel:Thanxs. How long do chats go on for cause I want to know if I can do this, play mindprobe and then comeback after?
Banister:Bill was great on B5.
Moderator:Bill. can youi type to the screen?
Bill:Yes I can
Moderator:Hi everyone, thanks for joining us here. I'm Patrizia DiLucchio for SCIFI. Tonight we are pleased to welcome actor/musician/graphic novelist Bill Mumy. If anyone knows that it is like to "grow up in the genre," it's gotta be Bill.
Bill:Greetings from Laurel Canyon in California
Moderator: From the Twilight Zone to Irwin Allen's TV show Lost in Space Bill literally came of age in millions of living rooms across America. More recently Bill has hooked another generation of fans playing Lennier, the Minbari aide to Delenn, in the acclaimed series Babylon 5.
Moderator:Bill's credits are not confined to acting. His alter ego, "Art Barnes," is one half of the infamous demented novelty-song act Barnes & Barnes, perpetrators of the notorious song '"Fish Heads." He is an accomplished solo recording artist, composer of television and film music, and an author of graphic novels.
Moderator:Laurel Canyon -- you're supposed to get some rain tonight!
Bill:We've got plenty of rain, all day
Moderator:Ready for the first question...Here we go
Moderator:<RandyBKC> to <Moderator>: What's the latest on 'Overload'?
Bill:Sets are in storage. Script has been rewritten, cast is still ready to go and we are in the unfortunate process of finding financing again.
Bill:And I remain confident that the movie will be made.
Bill:It's just temporarily in the cornfield.
Bill:Should I say done when I'm finished.
Moderator:<zog> to <Moderator>: hey,bill, did you and mira furlann have to shave your heads to play your characters?
Bill:While we're paused, I'll take this opportunity to go to for all things mumy-like.
Moderator:I guess you didn't see the question
Moderator:Let me try again
Moderator:<zog> to <Moderator>: hey,bill, did you and mira furlann have to shave your heads to play your characters?
Bill:Can you see me now?
Moderator:Loud and clear
Bill:Shall I do the answer again?
Moderator:Yes, we didn't see it :)
Bill:We did not have to shave our heads, but we did have to get up really, really early to glue foam rubber on our heads
Bill:Did you see that?
Moderator:Sure did!
Moderator:<AKalel> to <Moderator>: - Greetings Mr. Mumy II know you did a episode of DS9 how did it differ from doing a B5 episode?
Bill:Oh boy. There were countless differences.
Bill:First of all, I played a human so I didn't have the hassles. And it was real fun to be on a real studio lot.
Bill:Not to knock where we made Babylon 5, because that was great. But it was great to be on a regular sound stage.
Bill:Everything at Star Trek is sort of decided by committee and takes a long time.
Bill:It takes a long time to get finalized. At Babylon 5, things were run by Joe and that would be it.
Bill:Everyone at trek treated me fantastically. They really rolled out the red carpet for me and it was kind of a dream come true.
Bill:I thought it was a good show.
Moderator:<Purple> to <Moderator>: What was it like for you to return to the realm of Science Fiction for the first time since Lost in Space ended production?
Bill:I've done so much work in science fiction in my career, I'm not sure what this question is referring to.
Bill:But I've always loved fantasy and sci-fi stuff.
Moderator:<Jobsies> to <Moderator>: Hey Bill do you plan on doing another cd with the Bee Five group?? Thanks
Bill:I loved writing and producing that project, although there are no plans work with that group again.
Bill:My third solo album Pandora's Box is currently out. Barnes & Barnes The Essential Barnes & Barnes
Bill:is currently out. My next solo CD After Dreams Come True will be out in May.
Bill:My band the Jenerators, with actor Maguel Ferrar will be gigging in March and there are a lot of musical projects coming from me to you.
Bill:The new millenium from the stage of the Universal Ampi-theatre and rocking with my old band mates America.
Bill:But I have been talking to Claudia about a solo project for her that I would probably produce.
Bill:Peter Jurasik is in North Carolina and I have no idea where Andreas is, although I did see him at DragonCon in June.
Bill:I talked to Mira about 2 weeks ago. Make plans to jam!
Moderator:<mumyclub> to <Moderator>: How did you get into writing comics?
Bill:I was spending so much money buying them, I had to justify it by writing them.
Moderator:<MsZ> to <Moderator>: Bill, any word on ANYTHING being available to continue with the SPACE CASES story? (you just KNEW I had to ask that)
Bill:I wish !!! It is still running all over the world, but not in the United States.
Bill:Very proud of the two seasons we produced and would return to that.
Bill:I love writing with Peter David.
Moderator:<Pheonyx> to <Moderator>: Bill, who was the biggest practical joker on the sets of Lost In Space and Babylon 5
Bill:Lost in Space - I'd have to say Mark Goddard. On Babylon 5, I'd have to say Claudia
Bill:although I'd know he wouldn't admit it, but JMS was probably the biggest of all.
Bill:But I got mine in!
Moderator:<bailebaeg> to <Moderator>: Hello Mr. Mumy! I would like to know what kind of motivation it took to prepare for your character as Lenier on B5?
Bill:I learned a lot from Lennier.
Bill:Was loyal, capable, brave, noble and sad. And so well written that the preparation was easy.
Bill:Plus I was allowed input into his development.
Moderator:<seaya> to <Moderator>: Hello Bill, what are your musical influences?
Bill:So many.
Bill:From the Kingston Trio thru Nirvana.
Bill:Bryan Wilson, Rolling Stones, Dylan -- but all roads lead to the Beatles.
Bill:Don't want to forget Neil Young and Robert Johnson.
Moderator:<Kosh> to <Moderator>: Mr. Mumy, did you have any martial arts training for "Lennier"'s infamous Bar Fight (I don't remember the episode by name, sadly. : ) )
Bill:I did study martial arts for a while.
Moderator:<RomanaLeela2262> to <Moderator>: hi Mr. Mumy do u fly military planes like jerry doyle and bruce boxleitner does?:)
Moderator:Bill, can you type?
Bill:Yes, I'm here
Moderator:<RomanaLeela2262> to <Moderator>: hi Mr. Mumy do u fly military planes like jerry doyle and bruce boxleitner does?:)
Bill:I'm much more comfortable on space ships than on airplanes.
Moderator:<Jupiter-2> to <Moderator>: How was it working under the direction of Alfred Hitchcock ?
Bill:He was a cruel, saddistic bastard -- good director though.
Moderator:<Maaagic> to <Moderator>: Was speaking in Minbari tough?
Bill:Actually yes. Having to memorize nonsense words is harder than having to memorize and to relate to.
Bill:By the second season, Joe wanted it to be absolutely perfect when we spoke in any of the alien languages.
Bill:I prefer speaking in English.
Bill:Flock sha!
Bill:Flok sha!
Moderator:<Pheonyx> to <Moderator>: Bill, did you think that "Fish Heads" would become the comedy classic that is has when you recorded it?
Bill:Absolutely. No doubt about it!
Bill:Did anyone see the Fish Heads on the Tonight show last month?
Bill:Did anyone see the Fish Heads VIDEO on the Tonight show last month?
Moderator:<Maaagic> to <Moderator>: What was your opinion of the Lost in Space movie and were you asked to appear in it?
Bill:I thought it could have been better. And yes, I was asked to do a cameo -- which I did not want to do.
Moderator:<omega> to <Moderator>: you said that you have done a lot of sci fi. do you feel that you have become typecast as a sci fi only actor?
Bill:Not at all. I just happen to like working in that arena. And I wear a lot of other hats.
Bill:Writer, producer, musician, voice-over artist. Though given an opportunity to work in an arena that you enjoy, I'll go for it.
Bill:I've recently done two episodes of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command series.
Moderator:<Maaagic> to <Moderator>: What is your take on the Napster situation? Do you offer songs in mp3 format?
Bill:I'm no Will Robinson when it comes to computers. I haven't decided how I feel about napster yet.
Bill:But my partner in Barnes & Barnes is not comfortable with it and has pulled some songs off of MP3.
Moderator:<omega> to <Moderator>: how much freedom did JMS give you in your time as a director on B5
Bill:I was never a director on Babylon 5.
Moderator:<SpaceTimetraveler> to <Moderator>: On the B5 episode that guest starred June Lockhart even though you weren't in any scenes together were there any feeling of deja Vue?
Bill:I see June somewhat regularly. So, it was great to have her on the show and I'm sorry we didn't have any scenes together.
Bill:But there was no de ja vu. We filmed that episode the week of the big California earthquake.
Bill:It was very tense there for quite a while.
Bill:Lights shaking. We felt the whole building was going to fall down on our heads.
Bill:And you'd know that if I'd run out in the street looking like an alien from another planet, someone would have just run me over.
Moderator:<Wxman> to <Moderator>: What is difficult being young, working, going to school, and keeping up with other kid activities?
Bill:I've been working as an actor since I was 5. I still have a lot of friends of the same friends I grew up with.
Bill:Although I have led an abnormal life, it feels normal to me.
Bill:Going to school on a set is quite difficult though.
Bill:Thinking about the scene you are about to shoot and thinking about geography can be quite a drag
Bill:and I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore.
Moderator:Bill. a lot of people are asking if you were ever a Doctor Who fan?
Bill:I've enjoyed several incarnations of Dr. Who and have met a few of the Doctors at sci-fi conventions.
Bill:My friend and Babylon 5 director, Tony Dow, worked on the last Dr. Who project.
Bill:I thought was really good.
Bill:I wouldn't say I would say Iwas a "fan" though.
Bill:I wouldn't say that I was a "fan" though.
Bill:(Sandy's fingers aren't working well tonight!)
Bill:(Bill is on the phone.)
Moderator:<Jupiter-2> to <Moderator>: Bill, what was your favorite acting job?
Bill:That's so hard.
Bill:I loved the three Twilight Zones I did.
Bill:I loved being Will Robinson in Lost in Space.
Bill:I loved starring in Bless the Beasts and the Children.
Bill:I liked most all of it.
Bill:Lennier was so well written. Lennier was a great character to play.
Bill:It would depend on my whim of the moment.
Moderator:<Maaagic> to <Moderator>: I saw "Trekkies" recently and they did a segment on the strangest things that fans send the stars. What is the strangest thing you've ever recieved?
Bill:A death threat!
Bill:A death threat!
Moderator:Bill, how did your parents happen to get you into acting? Were they actors, or involved in the business?
Bill:At this time we'd like to announce that the official Bill Mumy Fan Club is back in action.
Bill:Anyone interested can go to for more information.
Bill:My grandfather had been an agent in the 30s and 40s.
Bill:His biggest claim to fame was getting Boris Karlof the role of Frankenstein.
Bill:My Mom worked as a writer/secretary at 20th Century Studios for a little over 10 years before I was born.
Bill:My Dad was a cattle rancher.
Bill:I broke my leg playing Zorro when I was 4 years old.
Bill:I sat in a cast and stared at the TV set for 10 weeks.
Bill:watching Superman and Zorro and I knew that I wanted to be like them.
Bill:I wanted to be an adventure hero on TV.
Bill:So I made it happen.
Bill:With my parents who never spent a penny of my money and my mother always came with me to the studio.
Bill:Until I was 18.
Moderator:<RomanaLeela2262> to <Moderator>: Hey Bill what's your favorite ship from the B5 universe?
Bill:The White Star of course!
Moderator:<UHITMYBONE> to <Moderator>: Were you one of the actors who cried when they read the B5 'Sleeping in light' script?
Bill:I got a little misty eyed!
Moderator:<Maaagic> to <Moderator>: Were you given much back history on the Minbari or your character in general or did you just do it on a script by script basis?
Bill:Joe and I talked a lot about where Lennier had been and where Lennier was going.
Bill:But I wasn't given any files on Minbari history, if that is what you mean.
Moderator:Bill, half the audience wants to know what your favorite B5 episode was?
Bill:Hard to say. They were all pretty good.
Bill:I liked Quality of Mercy a lot.
Bill:I liked them all.
Moderator:Can you type again Bill?
Bill:Can you see me ?
Moderator:Bill, we're winding down here. We always ask this of our guests. What advice do you give to would-be actors, or musicians who would like to do what you do?
Bill:Don't do what I do, do what you do!
Bill:Follow you muse!
Bill:Follow your muse!
Bill:Be prepared for rejection.
Bill:There is art and there is show business and they are two completely animals.
Bill:If you want to be in show business, you must learn to compromise your vision.
Bill:Art for art sake is a great thing.
Bill:So is good show biz.
Moderator:Bill, you been a wonderful guest. Thanks for taking the time to join us tonight... Now what was that website URL again :)
Bill:And I'd like to say, as much as we all love sci-fi, you only have one planet for the time being.
Bill:And Mother Earth needs all the help she can get right now.
Bill:So let's all give it to her!
Bill:Thank you kindly.
Moderator:Words to live by. Thank you, Bill. Have a great evening
Moderator:Thanks to our audience too for hundreds of questions!
Bill:I guess I'll say Good bye now. I left the White Star double parked.
Moderator: We'll open the floor now, but before we do -- one quick announcement. Please join us tomorrow night at 9PM ET when we'll be talking with First Wave star Traci Lords
Moderator:See you there. Good night everybody.
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