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Interview mit Bruce Boxleitner

Ausschnitt eines Interviews vom Januar 2001 mit Bruce Boxleitner (Darsteller von John Sheridan)

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EON:There's been a lot of talk about reuniting for a BABYLON 5 telemovie. Would you be willing to return?
Boxleitner:That's a long ways away before we ever get to that stage. I remember they were talking about a movie years and years ago, but that's a myth. (I don't think) that'll ever happen.
EON:So basically the future of BABYLON 5 lies in the hands of JMS?
Boxleitner:No, it's not even in his hands. He doesn't even own it. Its not his property anymore - (the show) was taken away from him a year before we ended.
EON:If the fans clamored for it, could they sell the concept of doing a tele-movie or another series?
Boxleitner:Time/Warner, which is now AOL, (is going to ask), 'Where is the money to be made?' Just run the old series over and over again. They don't need to make anymore, that's the problem. It's not about what the fans want or if it would be cool. It's all about profit and there's no profit in making it. It's past - it's a passe thing. STAR TREK is the only thing that has ever lived on and we gave them a good run for their money. Business wise, the market that BABYLON 5 was in is gone and does not exist anymore. Syndication is disappearing.
If there was a way for The Sci-Fi Channel to do it again, I think they should do movies. Don't do another series - there's been enough. Continue to do the two-hour telemovies because I think it's viable - they could sell that. To do a strip series again - I'm not sure that would work in this market right now, which is motion pictures. Believe me, television is heading into a recession.
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